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    living room furniture :



Every house, no matter how big or small, has a beating heart called the living room . There are many things to consider when it comes to interior design for your home. From focal points and feature walls to Feng Shui principles, it can be a daunting task to match your personal style.

Deciding how to arrange furniture with a model in mind is the first step to creating a cohesive environment that reflects your personal taste.

In order to create an attractive design for the living room, We have to go step by step by examining all aspects such as proportions, space dimensions and...

It is better to prepare furniture and sofas as the first step to design an attractive living room. When it comes to arranging furniture, it is not about arranging the chairs next to each other or next to the wall.

It also focuses on more basic dimensions such as style, colour, model, dimensions and finally the type of placement of furniture.

Among the uses of furniture in the living room, they can be used for sitting, watching movies and TV, planning a day off, playing friendly and family games, and sometimes even sleeping on them.

So, according to all the things that were mentioned before, choosing quality furniture that suits your needs for the living room is an important and necessary issue in your shopping plan, and it is not something that you want to do in a hurry.

Furniture models and furniture placement are effective in the beauty and attractiveness of home interior decoration and you can buy the right furniture design according to your needs.


Living room furniture elements




Moving to a new apartment is a very difficult task. After moving, the first step can be choosing new furniture. It seems that for this you need to prepare a long list of equipment that you want for your living room furniture, while furnishing a living room is an easy task.

For the hall furniture, furniture such as a sofa, a table in front of the sofa, a TV table
and chairs next to the sofa, coffee tables, and sometimes a sofa bed are necessary. 



The appearance and model of the sofa : The first thing you should pay attention to when buying a sofa is that it catches your eye at first glance. Try not to get too involved with colors; Because the color of the furniture can be changed.


The size and dimensions of each of the sofas : before going to the sales centers of the sofas (especially furniture stores) and getting attached to a particular model, carefully measure the corridor, staircase and place for which you intend to buy a sofa. hit. Because the large size of the store environments and the openness of the space disturbs your mental scale and you may choose furniture whose length and width are not suitable for your room.


The comfort of sitting on a comfortable sofa is the most important criterion...: The next step in choosing a comfortable sofa is to sit, recline, lie down and try all the situations that you are likely to use it. This is not a joke step, so don't brag to the seller.



Choosing the design, color and material of the sofa top: Perhaps after the level of comfort, this is the most important issue that must be decided when buying a stylish sofa.

Regarding the material of the sofa top, three general categories, fabric, leather and breathable leather (or fabric leather) are common in the market of comfortable furniture; But in terms of design and color, there are usually no restrictions and there is a choice and option for every type of taste and decoration. The top of the furniture becomes important because if it is chosen inappropriately, it will be difficult to maintain and clean it.




Comfortable sofa for getting together




The first thing you should keep in mind in the living room is a sofa. As the biggest part of the furniture in the room, the sofa is of particular importance in the style of arranging the space. Above, you can see some examples of couches that are one of the components of a comfortable sofa set.


Sectionals sofa living room




Nowadays, this type of furniture is used a lot in most houses. Different types of this furniture are set with different decorations in the houses, so you should pay attention to some points in this process. Unlike regular sofas, sectionals sofa are made up of several independent pieces that can be arranged in different positions. This quality helps the sectional sofa to be a more versatile seating solution than the typical 3 seater sofa.


TV Stand for living room 





If you are a fan of movies and series and spend a lot of time watching programs   then you need an attractive TV table to hold your TV and match the other accessories of your living space so that you can experience Enjoy watching TV.


Living room Pouf





Over the past few years, Pouf, new members of home and office decoration, have become one of the favourite decorative and functional accessories of people.

Poufs are versatile pieces of furniture that add character, colour and pattern to your decor. They can be placed as a soft chair, a footstool or even a table in the home decoration; so if you are interested in buying a wonderful and functional piece of furniture that you can use in any room, poufs are the best option.


Living room chair



You should have at least one dining chair in your living room to balance the space and provide additional seating for hosting guests. Reception chairs, when placed next to the sofa, help create a cozy corner for chatting with guests.

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