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Bedroom furniture sets sale : 


The bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house and it is considered the safest part of a house. Therefore, its decoration and arrangement become very important.By designing a basic decoration and design, the bedroom can be turned into a cozy corner for resting, reading, watching movies, etc. To have a comfortable and relaxing bedroom, you can use the tips that we will tell you.


Modernism believes that "beauty is a function of efficiency". This slogan means that the most important element in the environment is the use of a device, not its appearance. But this sentence does not mean that modern decoration style does not care about beauty.


Rather, only modernism avoids using extra decorations and creates beauty in simplicity.


Straight and clear lines in furniture and furniture, large open space in the room, are important elements of this attitude. We tried to use simple and practical tricks so that it can be implemented easily and at the lowest cost. By using these tricks, you have a modern and up-to-date bedroom decoration and you will enjoy the practical space created.


  •  Choose the size of the bed according to the size of the room!
  • Place the bed in the center of the wall and away from the window and door!
  • Choose the right carpet size for bedroom decor!
  • Do not make your room too crowded!



Evac Furniture is one of the famous furniture stores that offers you a solid and high-quality bedroom set by using the right material.



What is a standard bedroom furniture set ?


Usually, the presence of a suitable bedroom furniture set at home, in addition to the beauty of the bedroom, brings you a lot of peace. one double bed, one dressing table or drawer or toilet table, two bedside tables, along with mirror frame, chair and pouf; These are the necessary, necessary accessories that make up the standard bedroom furniture set set.



Of course, some people only use a few pieces of these items in their home decor, which is known as a half-set of bedroom service.

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